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Download Sakura MMO 3 Game Highly Compressed For Pc


Sakura MMO 3 Free Download Pc Game Setup For Windows Only in 238 MB. You can easily download Sakura MMO 3 for free.

Overview of Sakura MMO 3 Game

Sakura MMO #3 is the final part of the Sakura MMO series, which concludes Viola’s adventure. Only a few months ago, Viola was an average woman bored with her life in Japan. Her only method of escape was via the vibrant and colorful MMORPG, Asaph Online. Though Viola poured thousands of hours into Asaph Online, she knew it was little more than a game, and it could never be a suitable substitute for reality. 

That is, until she found herself transported into the real Asaph! In Asaph, Viola recruits a party of cute girls and decides to fulfil her biggest dream: having a harem! Light-hearted hijinks ensue… but trouble is brewing on the horizon that could spell the end of these peaceful days. The fallen goddess, Iona, has been plotting to bring about an end to Asaph for good – and now Viola must go on a journey across the ocean, alongside her crew, to defeat her. Will Viola emerge triumphant from the skirmish, or will Iona best her? Find out in Sakura MMO #3, the longest instalment of the series. Your choices can save Asaph, or doom it to destruction. 

Will Viola survive her greatest challenge yet – and which girl will she end up with? It’s all up to you! In Japan, she was an ordinary woman called Kotone. In Asaph Online, however, she’s a powerful dark witch with access to some of the most formidable spells imaginable. She has a bit of a sadistic side, and she loves toying with cute girls… but she’s brave and loyal, and would rather die than see her allies get injured. Neve cares for Viola so deeply she often disregards her own health, and it seems very likely she may one day work herself to death. Though Neve is a polite, softly-spoken young woman, she has a short temper, and won’t hesitate to attack anybody who speaks ill of her mistress. Somewhat neurotic and not entirely stable, Neve has one or two dark secrets that the evil goddess would love to exploit.

Minimum requirements for playing This Game
  • RAM: 400 MB
  • Processor: 1.2 GHZ
  • Graphics card: 1280 X 720 
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Operating System: Windows XP

How to Install Sakura MMO 3 Game in Pc

  • Download Sakura MMO 3 game from here.
  • Right Click on the game and then click on Extract here. 
  • Double Click inside the Sakura MMO 3 Folder and run the exe application
  • Have fun and play! 

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